DUAL-SEAL SKIRTING is an efficiency with a single piece sealing strip. This skirts offers a dual sealing solution for your conveyor and prevents the escape of fines and dust.

The skirt is designed from both rubber and polyurethane. The dual skirt offers the primary sealing surface where the rubber body is installed as per the standard rubber skirt. The flexible flat rubber strip with a polyurethane wear rail is moulded to the side of the main body and contacts the belt. This acts as the secondary sealing surface.

Double layer structure, inside layer keeps materials, outside layer prevents dust-leakage

Clamp units are lightweight, compact, easy to install, adjust, and maintain



Spec Information

Installation Instructions:

1. Clamp units and L angle bar are used together, every 1 meter needs two sets of clamp units

2. The height of skirt board can be adjusted according the dimensions of skirt retainers

Production Process: Hot Casting Polyurethane Elastomer

Benefits: Reduces Dust Leakage, Wear Resistant

Function: Prevent Material Spillage, Effective Seal

Bevel Edge: 35 Degree or 45 Degree or Straight


Product Width (mm) Length (Mtr) Rubber Duro Polyurethane Duro  
PU/Rubber Dual-Seal 120 20 68/75 80
PU/Rubber Dual-Seal 150 20 68/75 80
Polyurethane Dual-Seal 120 15 63/70
Polyurethane Dual-Seal 150 15 63/70
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