Mining & Aggregate Screening Media

Advanced Engineering Group have a comprehensive range of screening media, available in a range of materials, to suit any screening requirement.

Woven Wire Square Mesh

Advanced Engineering Group should be your #1 Supplier for Wear resistant screenclothes manufactured from Quality high tensile screen wire or 316 stainless steel wire. The mesh is recommended for screening rock, shingle, sand, gold, lime and soil. 

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Woven Wire Slotted Mesh

Screencloths with slotted openings were designed because of the need to :

  • Maximum open area

  • Less blinding when screening damp material

  • Higher screening efficiency

  • Improved effective working life of screen

Slotted screens can be woven to have the long aperture with or against material flow.

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VIBREX ™ Wire Screens

Advanced Engineering Group  supply VIBREX self-cleaning screenclothes in both wire and poly. Both comprise individual wires that vibrate independently and at different frequencies preventing pegging or blinding.

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PU-MESH ™ Screens

Advanced Engineering Group's PU-Mesh Screens are steel braided wire mesh coated with abrasion resistant polyurethane in either Fully welded, Partially welded or Slotted apertures. PU-Mesh offers the highest efficiency and longest durability.

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Polyurethane Flip Flow Screens

Combining conventional circular vibration and traditional linear vibration Flip Flow screens are extremely efficient in difficult circumstances.  The Flip Flow action minimises blinding and pegging when screening damp sticky materials. AEG Flip Flow mats withstand deformation without loss of elasticity or dimensional accuracy. Our high energy polyurethane system results in greater screening efficiency.

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Polyurethane Modular Screen Panels

Advanced Engineering Group supplies a wide range of Polyurethane Modular Screen Panels. We offer the full range of aperture types and panel sizes.

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Rubber Modular Screen Panels

Advanced Engineering Group supplies a wide range of Rubber Modular Screen Panels, Offering the full range of apertures and panel sizes. Our rubber panels take advantage of compounds and designs, maximizing the inherent properties of rubber in mining applications.


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Moulded Rubber Panels

Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. AEG moulded panels give increased life in your scalping and high wear feed areas.

Screen Panel Features

  • Heavy duty steel reinforced screen designed for heavy impact

  • Hooked, Bolt or clamp down fastening in any panel size

  • Large range of moulded apertures 20 - 180 mm square, round, slotted or VR type

  • Panel thickness 30 to 130 mm

  • Custom designed to suit screen support frame

  • Suit flat or cambered screen decks

  • Semi modular design replace only high wear area panels

  • Blank of sections for high impact areas

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FLOMAX ™ Harp Screens

Advanced Engineering Group  supply FLOMAX Harp/Piano wire screenclothes to suit all types and brands of screening plants. AEG can supply almost any specification required up to 3300mm over hooks and 1830mm wide. Apertures from 1mm to 16mm and Wire Diameters 0.7mm to 2mm in steel or stainless steel.

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Rubber Cross-Tensioned Screens

Advanced Engineering Group manufacture Cross-Tensioned rubber screen cloths made of wear resistant rubber featuring heat treated cord reinforcement that facilitates tensioning.

  • Hardness - 60 Duro (Standard) or 40 Duro (Flexi)

  • Apertures from 2.5mm - 250mm

  • Thickness from 3mm - 50mm

  • Unlimited aperture selection - Square, Round, Slotted, Agivibe, Piano, VR etc.



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Polyurethane Cross-Tensioned Screens

Polyurethane screening media is highly wear resistant and is available in a range of grades to suit different applications, all with tailor made steel reinforcements if required. Polyurethane screens are recognized as one of the best and most versatile materials for screening surfaces for the following reasons:

  • Longer life when screening materials such as quartz, silicon, sand, gravel etc.

  • Polyurethane exhibits the characteristics of elasticity of rubber

  • The distinct advantage poly mats have over rubber is the accuracy of the cast apertures

  • When compared to rubber, polyurethane mats allow for more precise screening


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Perforated Punch Plate Screens

Advanced Engineering Group  can provide a large range of Perforated Metals and there are almost no limitations to the design, shape and metal type that can be provided. Profile Shapes include round, square, rectangular, hexagon/diamond and slotted. Hardox, Bissaloy and Mild steel options all available.

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Wedge Wire Screens (New Zealand Clients Only)

Wedge wire screenclothes attribute great strength, long service life and a very high level of adaptability for high efficiency liquid / soil seperation. These are individually custom designed.

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