Anti-Wear Products

Advanced Engineering Group provide Anti-Wear Products in both Polyurethane & Rubber such as Sheet Liners, Modular Block Pads, Impact Bars, Pocket Liners and Saw Tooth Liners.

Polyurethane Sheet liners

Advanced Engineering Group's  Poly Sheet liners are high quality, resilient cast polyurethane, they are available in various Shore Hardness's and thicknesses. AEG Poly Sheets provide excellent resistance to abrasive and impact wear in raw material handling.

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Polyurethane Flexi Liner

AEG Flexi-Liner is made from high quality Polyurethane. It has outstanding abrasion resistant qualities and excellent welding properties, providing a seamless joint over a large area. AEG Flexi Liner is a superior replacement to Rubber Linings (natural and synthetic) with significantly higher abrasive wear resistance and lasting 4-8 times longer than rubber in most applications.

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Polyurethane Modular Block Pads

Advanced Engineering Group  Modular Polyurethane Block Pads are high quality, wear resistant polyurethane casting, available in various hardness's. Modular block pads offer the lowest cost of ownership (TCO) due to modular nature allowing selective maintenance. Block pads provide excellent impact and abrasion resistance and can be used in dry or wet applications, handling materials from run of mine (ROM) to fine product.

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Polyurethane Impact Bars

Advanced Engineering Group  Impact Bars are cast polyurethane, of up to 1000mm in length, and is both chemically and mechanically bonded to an extruded Aluminium profile for quick, safe and secure installation.Specifically designed to extend equipment and structural life by absorbing and dampening the impact force of falling aggregate.

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Polyuerthane Pocket Liner

Advanced Engineering Group's  pocket liner has multiple pockets with re-enforcing vertical ribs, and is used to contain fine material, thereby creating a dead box. A dead box is the most efficient form of lining as material is impacting on material.

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Polyurethane Saw Tooth Liner

Advanced Engineering Group's Saw Tooth Liner is a heavy-duty polyurethane liner, designed specifically for conveyor pulley head chutes. The liners come fitted with a unique rigid, textured resin composite backing plate.

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